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portrait painting in enamel, Patek Philippe watches grew to become known all through Europe for their beautiful artistry. With the arrival of industrialisation, many of those creative crafts fell out of favour and nearly died out. The Stern family realised the risk this posed and, in spite of an absence of demand for rare enamelled items, saved a retinue of artists on board to safeguard their ancient professions. Every year, about forty one-of-a-kind pieces are created, including the fantastic domed table clocks that provide a perfect canvas for cloisonné enamelling. The arts of marquetry, gem-setting, guilloché, chainsmithing, enamelling - closionné, champlevé, paillonné and miniature enamel painting - and engraving are all revered and supported at Patek Philippe. Watching Thierry Stern, the present president, enthuse about his master craftsmen has a touch of the Medici patron lauding Michelangelo's latest work.

1907, provided their prospects access to the Gondolo Gang” - an unique club of one hundred eighty members with a weekly subscription payment that was, in impact, a payment plan to buy a Chronometro Gondolo made solely for them by Patek Philippe. Glamorous picnics, events and even a special piece of music often known as the Patek Waltz by F. Santini was played at all the membership's occasions for the 79 weeks it took its members to raise the cash. There was additionally a lucky draw with the winner not solely receiving the Chronometro Gondolo but in addition a reimbursement all the money they'd paid. In 1993, Patek Philippe determined to revisit this legendary Latin American timepiece and launched a set for women and men in tonneau, cushion-shaped and rectangular cases with a transparent allusion to the Artwork Deco aesthetics prevailing on the time of its Brazilian ancestor.

Zegarek napędzany jest manufakturowym automatycznym mechanizmem PF331. Mechanizm posiada certyfikat COSC dla chronometru. Możemy podziwiać jego piękne zdobienia przez przezroczysty dekielek z tyłu zegarka. PF331 składa się z 220 części i pracuje na 4Hz. Posiada maksymalną rezerwę chodu 55 godzin. Wszystko udało się upchnąć na relatywnie małej przestrzeni i mechanizm ma tylko 3,5 milimetra grubości. Grawerowany wahnik jest wykonany z czystego złota.

A watch is something that everyone needs, regardless of gender or age. Launched in 1976, the Nautilus assortment from Patek Philippe showcases octagonal shapes and horizontally embossed dials. Created from premium materials and balancing style and performance, this reliable assortment will meet the demands of the most active of lifestyles.