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patek philippe 5140j 001 price

The watch firm has maintained a tradition of innovation that features a formidable repertoire of more than 80 patents and is taken into account by watch aficionados to be the best timepieces on the earth. Their high quality of workmanship is unmatched. Patek acquired the patent for the perpetual calendar mechanism, the first double chronograph the self-winding mechanism, numerous patents for time-zone watches, a patent for the secular perpetual calendar retrograde date indication and the annual calendar mechanism. Patek Philippe watches persistently display rarity and there is no higher example of this than the Henri Graves Super-complication created in 1933, which displayed 24 totally different functions.

Zegarek posiada klasę wodoszczelności do a hundred metrów. Napędzany jest (a jakże) automatycznym, manufakturowym mechanizmem Zenith El Primero caliber 4069. Pracuje on na 5Hz oraz posiada maksymalną rezerwę chodu 50 godzin. Wielu doceni brak datownika na tarczy. Występuje w dwóch wersjach- na skórzanym pasku z gumowym podszyciem oraz na stalowej bransolecie.

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There's speculation that Patek Philippe could be on the market. Patek Philippe is a brand name that inspires many connoisseurs across the world to think about unmatched renown and status. The truth is, they've a presence not like some other on the earth of haute horology. The extremely-luxury Swiss producer of those dazzling timepieces has been acknowledged again and again for being a leader within the industry, and for good reason, including the utmost respect for his or her distinctive high quality of craftsmanship.

Founded in Geneva in 1839, the brand was purchased in 1932 by brothers Charles and Jean Stern, who previously supplied Patek with watch dials. The company, which holds some 80 patents regarding the design and function of watches, has been owned by the Stern household ever since.