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patek philippe 5140p

Information: Presenting the Patek Philippe Twenty-four Computerized Collection. The pretty white gold case studded with diamonds is perfect for a gown watch however when combined with the embossed dial and the composite strap of the useful watch, you perceive the way the contrasts come together to create the fascinating timepiece.

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Launched in 1932, the Calatrava was hailed as probably the most swish and finest-organized manifestations of the round watch; it ranks among the most placing and truly quintessential examples of the Patek Philippe type. A paragon of basic elegance, its timeless perfection and modern noblesse - expressed with many alternative faces - has appealed to generations of householders.

Patek Philippe and Beyer have harboured the desire to jointly function a boutique in Zurich for a few years. Already two generations earlier, Henry Stern and Theodor Beyer had nurtured this dream, which has lastly come true. The Geneva-based mostly manufacture was founded in 1839, and now we have been selling these top-quality timepieces since around 1842. The collaboration between our two companies has been very intensive from the beginning. In 1880, Adelrich Beyer was apprenticed to Patek Philippe and also met his future wife there. In turn, the present-day CEO of Patek Philippe, Thierry Stern, frolicked at Beyer to achieve some practical expertise.

The Patek Philippe piece, with its handbook winding, minute repeater and perpetual calendar with moon-section display, was certainly one of 44 unique timepieces created for the "Only Watch" auction by luxury watchmakers and jewellers, including Blancpin, Harry Winston, Piaget and Chanel.