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patek philippe 5160 500g 001

Proudly owning an expensive watch made by a well known producer is among the oldest standing symbols round. The brand new Patek Philippe & Rolex Boutiques by Razny Jewelers is now open in Chicago's Gold Coast neighborhood at 109 E. Oak Avenue! This location formally makes Razny Jewelers the one - sure, ONLY! - authorized Patek Philippe seller in all of Chicago.

Akcenty w kolorze niebieskim przeznaczone są dla wersji tytanowej, natomiast wersja złota występuje w parze z wykończeniami czarnymi. Zegarek używa pięknej, bardzo widocznej lumy. W zasadzie, efekt końcowy jest tak imponujący, że można powiedzieć, iż po zmroku zyskuje on drugie życie. Nawet tourbillon zostaje lekko podświetlony poprzez małe paski lumy. "Światłość" :) zobaczymy też z tyłu, gdzie efekt końcowy przypomina macki.

At the moment, Stern says, Patek's customer ratio is 30% to 70% women to men with room to grow. Highlighting the significance of this market segment, the house released in July a number of new limited-version women's problems, including a World Time Reference with the Manhattan skyline embossed on the dial to coincide with its eleven-day Grand Exhibition in New York.

Lastly, special designer watches are these which have been manufactured in restricted numbers. For example, the Piaget Torre dell'Orologio, created as a tribute to Venice's Tower Clock on St. Mark's Square, is restricted to a mere 10 items. You might want to do the maths on that to estimate its future resale value.

Kelley has over 13 years of selling experience with expertise in luxury items working for such prestigious brands as Patek Philippe and David Yurman. She holds a Bachelor of Arts diploma in Broadcast Journalism from the College of Southern California.