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patek philippe anniversary video

It's basic data that a Swiss-made luxury watch like a Patek Philippe watch or a Vacheron Consantin is of the best quality, but many don't know why. Because the product of a unprecedented quantity of know-how and work, a Patek Philippe instructions a excessive value and will absolutely retain and even improve its worth through the years. It is an investment for the present and the future. Most of the models achieve cult status and recurrently fetch document-setting sums at auction. Their solid reputation amongst collectors and - especially - the great sentimental value that a Patek Philippe normally acquires in the eyes of its owner make every one a treasured addition to a family's assets.

And in May, authorities mentioned that three thieves stole a variety of luxury watches from gym locker rooms. Among the watches taken was a $25,000 Patek Philippe watch, whose owner had left it in a locker on the Peninsula New York Lodge gym, ABC 7 reported.

The Longines BelleArti watch, though based mostly on an older assortment, comes with refined fashionable styling that offers it a up to date lift with out abandoning its earlier incarnation. Its success is right down to its distinctive collections: such as the Loopy Hours or Vegas models with fun problems, and the Aeternitas Mega - which is the most difficult wristwatch ever made, that includes thirty-six problems and over 1,480 elements. This newest watch reinforces the label of the Franck Muller watches as 'Master of Complications'.

In the arms of the Stern family since 1932, Thierry Stern was appointed President of Patek Philippe in 2009. Mr. Stern aims to ensure that Patek Philippe remains at the vanguard of watchmaking technology and analysis into material sciences, thus contributing to the continuous enchancment of the lengthy-time period quality and reliability of its timepieces. It was in his inaugural year that Patek Philippe launched its proprietary high quality label for mechanical watches. The Patek Philippe Seal attests to the utmost high quality of its timepieces, far above and past official standards, by integrating all competencies and features of relevance in manufacturing, precision and lifelong upkeep. The end result: precious, timelessly elegant watches, designed to be proudly handed down from one technology to the next.

Lately, effective jewellery has met effective watchmaking in a collaboration welcomed by many producers. Extra watches embraced by ladies now possess each aesthetic qualities as well as internal magic, providing beauty and brains, and the result is a lot more pleasurable.