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patek philippe augmented reality

The company told Reuters it had carried out a test run in one store in Geneva and would launch the business more widely at its retailers in Switzerland this year. If this proved profitable, it mentioned it might roll out the operation in the United States and Japan.

Some iconic women' watches that merge type and function are the Cartier Crash, the Patek Philippe Twenty-four and the Rolex Datejust, however technically talking even these models go solely so far as time-only, or feature a easy date wheel. Launched in the mid- to late-twentieth century, they're nonetheless in high demand as enticing and helpful timepieces, not to point out for his or her significance in horology and the histories of the manufacturers.

The record of vogue accessories is actually incomplete and deficient without wrist watches. With its rectangular, tonneau- or cushion-formed cases, the Gondolo assortment brings together most of Patek Philippe's type” watches, the term for all those that aren't round. Their sturdy traces, timeless fashion and geometric simplicity are a recent interpretation of the artwork deco type, which coincided with considered one of Patek Philippe's personal golden ages. In introducing the Gondolo, Patek Philippe has reinterpreted - with a subtle infusion of modernity - among the historical pieces which might be a part of its heritage and could also be admired within the Patek Philippe Museum.

Jak należało się spodziewać po marce, tarcza jest przepięknie wykonana. Ma w sobie wiele głębi i detali, a cała została wykonana z jednej płytki złota. W modelu złotym połowa tarczy (ta z tekstem) wykonana jest z szafiru. Na godzinie 2 widzimy wskaźnik rezerwy chodu. Pomiędzy godziną 5 i 6 widzimy wskazanie sekundy. Oba są unikalne dla Version Historique. Wszystkie wskazówki i indeksy zostały wykonane ze szczerego złota oraz pomalowane na czarno, dla nadania odpowiedniego kontrastu. W modelu platynowym złoto zostało spolerowane na lustro.

The brand new 1,250 sq.-foot boutique, positioned on Rodeo Drive, features the work of French designer Patrick Gaguech, whose respect for tradition provides the brand new boutique an elegant, nostalgic model. Emphasizing Art Deco design, the boutique features a VIP lounge in addition to a custom chandelier, created by Gaguech, who also designed the other Patek Philippe salons.