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patek philippe boutique beirut

In 1995, the Salon was moved to its current, and rightful, location in the Place Vendôme, the place it sits very happily not just in one of the luxurious squares in the world, but in the heart of an space devoted to jewellery and watchmaking. In September 2009, Paris unveiled its sleek, sculpted, newly renovated Salon; the corporate celebrated the second with a radical gesture, launching the very first women' chronograph watch right here - until that time, Patek Philippe watches had all the time been launched in Geneva.

Wristwatches turned widely accessible after the fashionable inexpensive production of miniaturized watch mechanisms in the twentieth century. Rarity is necessary because it gives the customer the data and the feeling that very few folks have the same watch. When a customer buys a Patek Philippe, they know that their watch is special and unique in its own way. Worth is integral to Patek Philippe as a result of the company is at all times trying to produce watches with the best worth.

Because the product of an extraordinary quantity of know-how and work, a Patek Philippe instructions a excessive worth and will totally retain or even increase its value over the years. It's an investment for the current and the future. Lots of the fashions achieve cult status and commonly fetch document-setting sums at public sale. Their stable repute amongst collectors and - especially - the great sentimental value that a Patek Philippe often acquires in the eyes of its owner make every one a treasured addition to a household's assets.

MAD Paris watches are second-hand watches personalised with the deepest care by highly certified watchmakers. These watches don't benefit from the original constructor guarantee. MAD Paris is an impartial company not affiliated with any watch manufactures.

A current difficult watch from Patek Philippe, and a preferred one, if we may use widespread” and this brand identify in the identical sentence, is the World Time. (You might even see the reference 5130G in white gold above.) The new mannequin is a recreation of a Thirties watch that signifies not solely the local time, but also the time in any of the 24 world time zones, thanks to 2 rotating disks.