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patek philippe dealers dallas

Right this moment, the Patek Philippe Artwork of Watches Grand Exhibition is open to the general public, and we had a chance to walk by means of it with none other than Thierry Stern yersterday, the CEO of Patek Philippe. In case you're wondering what the present is like, we can undoubtedly say - as the saying goes - that it's just what it says on the tin.” This really is a Grand Exhibition, with an unbelievable diversity of watches and clocks spanning centuries of production.

In the present day is the time to evolve. We've determined that women should also have their very own watches — not gimmicks, not one thing that looks like a man's watch,” Patek Philippe president Thierry Stern advised around 200 journalists from around the globe invited to the launch on Wednesday night, which occurred in a temporarily built glass pavilion set within its Milan office complex.

In the current day, a wristwatch isn't just a device to inform time, it has fairly become a standing icon. For many years, pocket watches have been the main stage on which Patek Philippe demonstrated its skills. Regardless that wristwatches have taken their place, they nonetheless delight connoisseurs of rare timepieces. Because the guardian of high-end watchmaking artistry, the manufacture continues to craft pocket watches in small numbers. Their aesthetic finesse stays a supply of fascination. These timepieces with manually wound actions are produced in compliance with the strict directives of the Patek Philippe Seal, as regards both artisanship and price accuracy.

Apparently, rarity like that's irresistible to rich collectors, especially as a result of the Grandmaster Chime is probably the most advanced watch ever created, featuring more than 20 issues, two time zone shows, and dealing adjustments for intercalary year. It is also the 175th anniversary timepiece for family-owned Patek Philippe, the Swiss watchmaker many think about the best on the earth.

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