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A constant pursuit of excellence is why the status of Patek Philippe is unparalleled. The sheer information and skill in Patek Philippe workshops be certain that deftness of touch, stunning timeless gestures and signature types are embodied in each masterpiece. Patek Philippe timepieces are made to be passed down the generations. Each Patek Philippe watch is rare and priceless, rendering works of beauty coupled with mechanical perfection.

Reardon explained to me that this has been his favourite part of curating this unique exhibition-cum-sale. For instance, with the Patek Philippe chronographs visitors can see the 20th-century growth of the Reference 130 transferring on to References 530, 533, 591, 1579, 1463, and the cut up-seconds 1436.

Since 1839, Patek Philippe has been designing and manufacturing timepieces synonymous with reliability, accuracy and precision. In the late seventeenth and 18th century, pendulum clocks generally known as regulators, illustrious for their precision, served as reference timers in a watchmaker's workshop.

The Geneva Salon might perhaps be referred to as the first amongst equals. It was in 1853 that Patek Philippe, needing bigger premises because the agency grew, moved into two tales of a building on the rue du Rhône. Right here the corporate entered into a 15-yr settlement that has so far lasted for more than one hundred sixty years; the location has develop into an enduring part of the town landscape.

For these fashion-aware ladies, this week, Patek Philippe launched the all-new Twenty-4 Computerized, the primary model of the collection with a self-winding mechanical motion in a spherical case. The spherical case is a basic form affording ample house for the glistening fire of genuine diamonds. It is obtainable in stainless steel or rose gold with dials of assorted colors.